In memory of Katrina, our vision is for a safe healthy and happy community, where there is an opportunity for dreams to become reality.  We operate with the core values of Integrity, Honesty, Support, and Compassion.

At the tender age of 31 years surrounded by her loving family and friends Katrina Louise Wakeling (nee Hastings) died in December 2009. Katrina had suffered a sudden and totally unexpected stroke during the night and despite every attempt to save her Katrina left this world leaving behind not only her devastated birth family but also her chosen family …her beloved soul-mate and husband Lachlan and their adored 4 month old son Lewis.

Katrina’s Sparkle was founded by her family as a legacy to the life she lived – one of laughter, fun, passion, adventure, travel, integrity, profound love of family and a deep professional concern for the well being and safety of others.

Katrina’s Sparkle will ensure that we, her family and friends, will keep her spirit alive and her memory shining brightly by creating opportunities to come together and make some dreams possible based on the values she held in such high regard.

We will bring you more about Katrina’s story and the life she gave to others…

Where does the money go?

Grants are made in line with Katrina’s passion and values.

The things we do to achieve our objectives are:

  1. Focus on health and safety issues for children
  2. Promote family harmony
  3. Support youth ambassadorial/ scholarship programs
  4. Assist with girls education
  5. Provide funds for cancer research

How are funds raised?

Katrina’s Sparkle Fund

Tax deductible donations can be made to the Katrina Sparkle Fund (under the governance structure of Australian Communities Foundation).  Katrina’s Sparkle committee can request that grants be made to specific causes that align with Katrina’s values.

Katrina’s Sparkle Inc

The incorporated association is run by the Katrina’s Sparkle committee and is governed by a set of rules.  Katrina Sparkle Inc runs various events (social, entertaining, sporting and other fundraisers) to raise money that can then be used to make direct grants in areas aligned with Katrina’s passions and values.

Third Party Events

Katrina’s Sparkle also encourages registration of teams in third party fundraising events.

Corporate Sponsorship

Businesses are welcome to pledge their support in the form of donation of goods and services for fundraising activities,  Workplace giving, linking donations to individual product sales, promotion of Katrina’s Sparkle via countertop displays, notice boards, websites links.