Relay for life 2016

This week is definately a celebration for ksparkle. After the recent news about our charity status we are also attending our 6th Casey Relay for Life. If you have no plans this weekend please feel free to sign up for this fantastic event. Organised by some of our most comitted casey supporters you can dind the link to join the … Read More

Granted Charity Status by ACNC

We are delighted to report that, after a somewhat rigorous process, Katrina’s Sparkle Inc. ABN 91 271 521 748 has now been granted Charity Status by the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) under subtypes- Advancing health, advancing education and advancing social or public welfare. The beneficiaries of our Charity are noted as Children, Communities overseas and General … Read More

Is Travel and Adventure calling you in April?

After such a successful trip to Nepal, K’Sparkle has an amazing opportunity to offer one unique, creative, passionate individual that is keen to make a difference. The Wild Medic Project is heading back to Nepal in April, currently the trip is booked out, but due to a recent collaboration between K’Sparkle and The Wild Medic Project there is one position … Read More

Ksafekids – Blogpost 3: We will rise again

$300 US  per year (around $423 AUD at today’s rate) can pay for 1 child’s schooling for a year. $423 does not only include classes but also food, resources and uniforms for the child. The children that attend this school are no ordinary kids. They are born into and raised in a Kathmandu slum. The living conditions in these areas … Read More