Film Night 2012 – The Sapphires

The Sapphires – National Opening Night at Cinema Nova- 9th August 2012  

Nearly 150 excited supporters of Katrina Sparkle assembled on Thursday 9th August to celebrate little Lewis’ 3rd Birthday and remember his mum’s birthday on the 10th.

Cinema Nova again provided a wonderful venue for this very special and unique occasion and the choice of ‘The Sapphires’ was a master stroke as the entire audience delighted in this superb Australian success story.   With huge accolades from the Cannes International Film Festival, the combination of courage, determination to succeed, strength in adversity, romance and superb entertainment ensured that the movie was a massive hit with the audience on its premiere opening night in Melbourne.

Drinks and nibbles inside the cinema before the movie allowed the gathering of family, friends and supporters ample opportunity to ’catch up’ before Jo gave a brief summary of the progress of Kartrina’s Sparkle and advised the audience that in excess of $50,000 has been r raised to date in honour of Katrina.  With the Reading Room in Lamjung now completed, Jo indicated that the education of young girls in Nepal in conjunction with ‘Room to Read’ will be the beneficiary of funds raised from tonight’s event.

Another important ‘milestone’ was the announcement that the new KSparkle website is now ‘live’ and supporters are encouraged to see the excellent results of the tremendous voluntary work put in by Katrina’s old and dear friends ‘Fish’ (Daniel Boi) and Steve Curtis who have contributed massively to produce an outstanding and professional web site.

A rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lewis (who delighted in sharing the microphone with his dad!) was followed by Lachlan outlining plans for the next Katrina’s Sparkle event which will be a ‘Karma Keg’ night at five (5) hotels in the inner city to be held on Friday 2nd November – all proceeds from the occasion will go to Katrina’s Sparkle Inc. Further details will be posted on the new website very shortly.

In summary, a wonderful night at Cinema Nova that was again very well received by all who attended, a terrific ‘coming together ‘ of family, friends and supporters in a spirit of fun which Katrina would have loved, and lots more to look forward to in the not too distant future!