Katrina’s Sparkle Launch

Katrina’s Sparkle Fund was officially launched among Sparkles and Balloons on Sunday 27th February 2011 at Mt Martha Community House. Many thanks to all those who were able to attend and join us for the celebration.

For those of you who were unable to make it but wish to stay informed and involved with the fund  we would like to let you know of a couple of really special announcements that were made at the launch.

The first was to announce that Katrina’s Sparkle Fund has made its first grant. The grant was to Windermere Child and Family Services whose stated aims include the following:

  • to make a positive difference to the lives of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and families
  • to strive to ensure that every child in need in the community is offered the chance to become someone
  • to provide meaningful, ongoing support that will really make a difference to a child’s life, forever

In reaching the decision to make the first grant to Windermere, following appropriate due diligence,  the inaugural steering committee agreed that these stated aims fitted perfectly with some of the values that Katrina held so dear.

The other fantastic announcement we were able to make was in respect of the“Katrina Wakeling Health and Safety Employee HSE Leader Award” 

This award has been established by Katrina’s employers, Visy, and will be an annual award in her memory that rewards and promotes high standards of health, safety and environmental practices in the workplace.

The award will recognise and reward outstanding individuals and site based Health and Safety  innovations and achievements.

We are thrilled to be advised by management that they will honour Katrina’s work and legacy in this way. The award will be made on 2 levels – one will be at a site level and the other will be a substantial reward at an individual employee level providing the awardee with the opportunity to make a significant difference to their own, and their families, wellbeing. WHAT AN HONOUR !!!!

Steering committee

At the launch we also introduced the initial members of the Sparkle steering committee:

Rob, Jo, Simon and Lachlan who probably need no introduction.

Stephen Curtis – a long time trusted and faithful friend of Katrina for the “whole” of her life (they actually met in Berwick Bush nursing hospital at birth) and remained good friends throughout Katrina’s life celebrating many birthdays and special occasions together. Not only a true and special friend but Stephen, together with his wife Toni who also became a dear friend to Katrina, brings to the team great skills and management experience gained over many years in hotel management and catering. Toni and Steve will also be assisting with the maintenance of the database and we are delighted to have them on board.

Kellie Houlihan – another special and long time friend of Katrina from her days at Genazzano college who now runs her own business. Kellie will help us shape the way in which honour Katrina’s legacy.

Josh Levy – We are delighted to have the assistance and guidance of Josh who has been a close friend of Katrina and Lachlan since there time together at Latrobe University. Josh’s experience in his work with such organisations as Ozchild, the Education Foundation and now with the NAB will be of immense value to us.

Teghan and Siobhan Jagusch – holding a joint ticket between them as they complete their VCE studies, these two beloved cousins of Katrina will be the ‘young voice’ of the steering committee and will help bridge the generation gap until Lewis joins them.

John Higgins – As an accountant and trusted adviser (as well as Katrina’s much loved uncle), John will have a valued input into the future of the fund and ensure that all our financial matters are kept in order.

Daniel Kelliher, a respected lawyer with experience in the area of Charitable funds has also offered his assistance when required to assist with any legal issues that may arise.

With this team working with us we are confident that we can ensure Katrina’s legacy and spirit will endure for many years to come in an environment of coming together and having some fun while fundraising.

Following our next workshop meeting in April we will be posting further information about a 3 year strategy plan for fundraising going forward.

If there are any particular areas in which you would like to assist us with please contact us at info@ksparkle.org.au