KSAFEKIDS BLOGPOST 5 – Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones

glen embassy

After a busy few days out in the village of Chitre with the Wild Medic project K’Sparkle team headed back into Kathmandu. People may not be aware of the passion and leadership that is represented by the Australian Government here on the ground so we thought it would be a good idea to do a shout out to Glenn (Australian Ambassador to Nepal) and Marianne White. Such humble people gave us an hour of their time just to chat about the current issues that Nepal faces and how aligned we are with helping in the areas that are needed.

These two people were intrinsic in helping the previous K’Sparkle team get out safely from Nepal and quite frankly without them there would probably be a few less members of the K’Sparkle committee… Give it up for the embassy of Nepal and please like them on Facebook by searching Australian Embassy, Nepal.


Stay tuned for the next post which will introduce our new friends here in Nepal… and a few pictures of the amazing sights and moments of this beautiful country and its people