KSafeKids - A division of Katrina Sparkle Inc

Ksafekids™ is a registered business name of Katrina’s Sparkle Inc (K’Sparkle), a not for profit organisation established to promote, educate and create awareness in the following key areas:

  • Focus on health and safety issues for children
  • Promote family harmony
  • Support youth ambassadorial/scholarship programs
  • Advance social justice
  • Assist with girls education
  • Provide funds for cancer research

K’Sparkle organises and runs various events and fundraising activities to support the above areas.

At K’Sparkle we believe that the safety and care of children is of paramount importance.
With professional services leas by qualified and industry experienced paramedics, we are able to bring you current, relevant and tailored first aid courses that are of the highest industry standard. All net profits from the program are directed to Katrina’s Sparkle Fund Inc to fund initiatives that promote the safety of children including delivery of first aid courses to those unable to pay due to their financial circumstances or to address specific first aid and safety issues concerning children.
KSafeKids is focused on helping promote kids safety locally, nationally and internationally. With a vision to make all kids feel safe.


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I am so proud to be a part of the Ksafekids team. Basically my drive to start this program came from one of the beliefs my sister and I shared. Every child deserves to be safe and have the right to an education.

Ksafekids not only gives me the opportunity to empower people with basic first aid skills that are so crucial to know, but also allows K’Sparkle as an organisation to give back to those kids and families less fortunate than us.




When I was young I learned that the meaning of the name Jason in Greek was “healer”. I am passionate about emergency health and education, especially when it comes to little kids.While I’m not a doctor I firmly believe in leaving the world better than you found it. I am paramedic of 4 years, a dad of a 2 year old and I am recently engaged. I am thrilled to be a part of Ksparkle as I get to share my knowledge and experiences with others, hopefully empowering them to act in times of need.